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"Absolutely Unacceptable": Ukraine Slams Putin's Comment On Use Of Nukes

09/25/22 4:55 AM

The Kremlin's statements on the possible use of nuclear weapons are "absolutely unacceptable" and Kyiv will not give into it, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said early on Sunday.

"Treated Worse Than A Dog": UK Man On Traumatic Russian Detention

09/25/22 5:12 PM

A British man freed from captivity in east Ukraine in a prisoner swap told Sunday how his captors stabbed him in the back and forced him to sing the Russian national anthem.

'An inspiration': Tributes to UK's late queen at UN meeting

09/25/22 10:10 AM

This year’s U.N. General Assembly meeting of world leaders comes on the heels of another event that reverberated internationally — the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

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"They’re getting very close to solving this": Witnesses sought in Jamestown Yolanda Bindics cold case

09/23/22 5:05 PM

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office wants to hear from possible witnesses in the 2004 Yolanda Bindics cold case.

'Eco-warrior' and Earth First! co-founder Dave Foreman dies

09/25/22 1:05 PM

Dave Foreman was a prominent member of the radical environmentalism movement.

'Fighting Fit': Trial To Show Oath Keepers' Road To Jan. 6

09/24/22 7:09 PM

Stewart Rhodes and four Oath Keeper associates are the first to stand trial on the rare and difficult-to-prove charge of seditious conspiracy.

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'He'll smash you': How actor Tom Hardy won three BJJ tournaments in a month

09/23/22 11:54 AM

The man who played fearsome Batman villain Bane, Tom Hardy, is a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

'Rank Kansas!' - RJ Young reacts to Kansas' victory vs. Duke | No. One CFB Show

09/25/22 4:19 AM

RJ Young breaks down the Kansas Jayhawks' impressive victory against Duke and why the Jayhawks should be in the top 25.

'Strong Like A Woman': Alex Morgan, Diana Taurasi, Billie Jean King & 97 other game-changing women

06/21/22 6:58 AM

"Strong Like A Woman," by Laken Litman, highlights 100 game-changing women in sports and celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX.