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"I Represent Country That's Proud To Be Known As Mother Of Democracy": PM

09/25/21 7:23 PM

PM Modi on Saturday said that he represents a country which is proud to be known as the mother of democracy and cited his own rise from a tea seller at a railway station to that as prime minister to...

"Terror Proxies In South Asia": Quad Leaders' Statement A Message For Pak

09/25/21 8:55 AM

Quad leaders denounced the use of "terrorist proxies" in South Asia, in a veiled reference to Pakistan, as they emphasised the importance of denying any support to terror groups which could plan...

"World Is Watching Them": US Condemns Taliban Plan To Resume Executions

09/25/21 5:18 PM

The United States has strongly condemned the Taliban's plans to reinstate amputations and executions as a type of punishment in Afghanistan.

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'I lost everything': As the world focuses on Del Rio, the people of Haiti focus on survival

09/25/21 9:00 AM

In Haiti, outrage over scenes at the U.S. border hasn't dampened the desire to flee the country's poverty, gang violence and political instability.      

'I Never Saw Agents Whipping Anyone,' Says Photographer of Images at Center of Border Patrol Hoax

09/25/21 3:33 PM

The photographer who witnessed the incident where horseback-mounted Border Patrol agents attempted to control Haitian migrants crossing the Rio Grande last week said he never saw agents whipping anyone. His photographs led to unfounded claims from many officials including President Joe Biden that agents were whipping or "strapping" the migrants with whips.

'Missing White Woman Syndrome': Indigenous people left to wonder how to 'qualify' for same attention as Gabby Petito

09/25/21 1:19 AM

As Gabby Petito's case continues to dominate the daily news cycle, Indigenous people are asking why their cases aren't worthy of similar attention.      

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'Battle-hardened' Panthers take the hardest road

09/25/21 9:34 AM

The Penrith Panthers have made the grand final the hard way, but coach Ivan Cleary said that had only served to galvanise his squad.

'I'm a lucky dude' - Kyler Murray on versatility of Cardinals' offense

09/19/21 11:47 PM

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray describes his thoughts on the late game field goal miss by the Vikings, the ability to finish teams off and the versatility of the offense.

'Justin has given me hope for the rest of my life': Pats lineman Justin Herron's heroic act

09/24/21 7:56 AM

When Justin Herron witnessed a crime in progress in a park in Tempe, Arizona, earlier this year, he didn't think. He just stepped in -- and made a lifelong connection in the process.