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"Bizarre Reason" Why No Sniper Was On Roof Where Trump Shooter Was Hiding

07/17/24 12:36 PM

The US Secret Service is facing intense scrutiny after a shooter opened fire on former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally, and questions have emerged about why no sniper team was positioned on the building from which the shots were fired.

"This Is The Final Straw": Elon Musk Moving X And SpaceX Out Of California

07/17/24 1:42 PM

San Francisco, July 17 (IANS) Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday said he will move the headquarters of its aerospace company as well as social media platform X from the US state of California.

'Betrayal': Trump shrugs off McConnell warning and invites authoritarian to Mar-a-Lago

07/11/24 2:57 PM

Donald Trump will host an authoritarian leader in his home one day after Sen. Mitch McConnell warned fellow Republicans to stay away from a European prime minister "parroting Putin’s talking points," reports show. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán intends to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee and convicted felon after a NATO summit in Washington, a Trump campaign spokesperson told the New York Times. The Guardian reports they will meet at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida social club where Trump stands accused of illegally storing classified government information. The meeting will take place one day after McConnell publicly slammed Republicans who are "cozying up to Orbán" on the Senate floor, Punchbowl News' Andrew Desiderio reports.EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested"Republicans in Washington who fashion themselves both ‘national conservatives’ and China hawks should pay more attention to Mr. Orban’s actions and ask themselves if they are consistent with America’s interests," McConnell reportedly said. McConnell blasted Orbán's “self-aggrandizing” and “insidious” visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a trip to China to meet with President Xi Jinping, saying he had a “curious soft spot for authoritarians.”Orbán — "known for embracing far-right politics and authoritarian leaders" — has been echoing Trump's rhetoric with the promise to “make Europe great again," the Times reports.According to the report, his hours-long meeting with Putin at the Kremlin caused alarm in capitals around the bloc.Columnist David Rothkopf took to X Thursday to condemn Trump's scheduled meeting with Orbán. "Trump meeting Orban opposite NATO Summit immediately following Orban mtg w Putin and Xi is the sort of betrayal of the US that would’ve led to Congressional investigations or worse in the past," he wrote. Trump's position on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remains unclear. When a Fox News radio host tried to question Trump about his position Wednesday, the former president railed instead about COVID, China, insane asylum residents and economic indicators.

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'Rust' armorer Hannah Gutierrez seeks new trial after dismissal of Alec Baldwin case

07/16/24 9:41 PM

Lawyers for "Rust" armorer Hannah Gutierrez filed an expedited motion in the Santa Fe First Judicial District Court for a new trial or dismissal of the case against her.

2026 California lieutenant governor race begins to take shape

07/17/24 10:00 AM

Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, California Treasurer Fiona Ma and Sen. Steven Bradford are running for California lieutenant governor in 2026.

3-year-old dies after suspected drug overdose, twin in grave condition; mother arrested

07/12/24 8:16 PM

Jestice James was arrested on suspicion of murder after her 3-year-old son Josiah died following what law enforcement sources say was an exposure to narcotics at their home.

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'24 team is the most talented in US basketball history, why they're a lock for gold | What's Wright?

07/16/24 11:58 PM

Nick Wright reacts to Team USA's 98-93 exhibition win over Australia, then breaks down the roster and what he would do if he was in charge of constructing it. He also explains why USA is a lock for gold at the Paris Olympics.

'Bear Bets': Group Chat's best bets on Belmont, NBA Finals

06/06/24 4:46 PM

"Bear Bets" is back! And the Group Chat reconvened to discuss the Belmont Stakes, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

'Beat the Yankees while you're at it' - David Ortiz and Orioles' Gunnar Henderson share a moment at All-Star Game

07/17/24 3:01 AM

Baltimore Orioles' Gunnar Henderson and David Ortiz shared a moment during the 7th inning of the 2024 All-Star game.