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"Ghost Town": Brazil Floods A Climate Warning To World, Says UN

06/26/24 2:15 AM

Record floods that killed over 170 people and displaced half a million in southern Brazil are a warning sign of more disasters to come throughout the Americas because of climate change, an official at the UN' refugee agency said on Tuesday.

"Unacceptably High": Alcohol Kills Nearly 3 Million Every Year, Says WHO

06/25/24 6:52 PM

Alcohol kills nearly three million people annually, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday, adding that while the death rate had dropped slightly in recent years it remained "unacceptably high".

'No actual principles': Trump walks back campaign promise — and takes heat from both sides

06/24/24 1:12 AM

Donald Trump's campaign on Sunday walked back one of his most controversial campaign promises, and took heat from conservatives and liberals alike. Trump recently said that he wants to give green cards to foreign graduates from American colleges, in a clear weakening of his typically far-right view on immigration. This led to harsh pushback from Trump's most loyal supporters, including MAGA activist Laura Loomer. Over the weekend Fox News reported that the Trump "campaign walked back a promise that the former president would 'automatically' award green cards to migrants after they graduate from college." ALSO READ: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans subpoena ex-Capitol Police intel head for Jan. 6 inquiry This reversal was shredded by conservatives including Mike Madrid, who served as the Golden State's GOP political director before co-founding the group of current and former anti-Trump Republicans known as the Lincoln Project. "The only time Trump apologizes is when he's not fanning racism," Madrid said. Former Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) agreed, saying, "So true." The Tennessee Holler also chimed in: "Walked it back within 48 hours," the account wrote on Sunday. "Amazing how having no actual principles and telling rich people whatever you think they want to hear to get their money can get you into trouble." @stacker_xrp added, "How embarrassing he’s not in control of his own campaign." @quiverumquaerit also said, "Nothing says 'trustworthy' like retracting promises mid-campaign." @LilHulkQ noted, "Trump will say anything. I hope they bring it up at the debate."

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12-year-old boy dies in trip to Wild Rivers water park in Irvine, police say

06/22/24 11:57 PM

A child at Wild Rivers was taken to a hospital Saturday morning and pronounced dead, Irvine police said.

2 teen boys indicted in connection with shooting that killed 3-year-old

06/25/24 9:11 PM

Watch the full press conference in the video player above. BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -- Two teen boys were indicted Tuesday in connection with a Friday night shooting on Domedion Avenue that left a 3-year-old boy dead. A 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old boy were indicted and remanded after being arraigned Tuesday afternoon, said Acting Erie County [...]

Adopting a dog? It helps to do some homework first

06/21/24 10:00 AM

With so many private rescue groups offering dogs for adoption, it can be tough to spot a scam. Experts offer a few tips before you start looking.

Latest Sports News

06/25/24 6:56 PM

Check out the best moments from Kylian Mbappé & France vs. Poland in UEFA Euro 2024.

'Bear Bets': Group Chat's best bets on Belmont, NBA Finals

06/06/24 4:46 PM

"Bear Bets" is back! And the Group Chat reconvened to discuss the Belmont Stakes, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

'Dan Hurley just used and abused the Los Angeles Lakers.' — Skip on Hurley deciding to stay at UConn

06/13/24 6:43 PM

Skip Bayless reacts to Dan Hurley turning down a six-year, $70 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to return to UConn for a third National Championship and beyond.