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"Degrassi" Stars Amanda Arcuri And Eric Osborne Were Terrified To Work Together At First, And A Bunch Of Other Behind-The-Scenes Secrets We Learned

10/11/21 12:46 PM

"As soon as we started doing the scenes together, it became very clear that they made a lot of sense."View Entire Post ›

"Romy And Michele" Musical Star Says She Was Fired For Being Pregnant Right Before The Show Was Supposed To Hit Broadway

10/19/21 12:37 AM

"My worst fear had just come true: my pregnancy was a 'condition.'"View Entire Post ›

"Succession" Star Sarah Snook Secretly Got Married Almost A Year Ago, And The Ceremony, Thankfully, Was Nothing Like Shiv's

10/18/21 5:23 PM

"I got locked down in Melbourne with one of my best mates and we fell in love."View Entire Post ›

'Becoming Cousteau' sings an ode to the ocean explorer and his 20th-century climate warnings

10/22/21 1:45 PM

Jacques Cousteau was a man ahead of his time in multiple respects, which provides the backbone of "Becoming Cousteau," a documentary devoted to both the ocean explorer's life and his early environmental advocacy. Brought to life by his own words and appearances, the film touches on various themes while letting its lovely images and music wash over you.

'Dune' captures the book's epic scale while telling only half of the story

10/21/21 3:43 PM

To anyone who remembers seeing David Lynch's 1984 version of "Dune" and thinking, "OK, so that happened," director Denis Villeneuve has conjured a far more coherent narrative filled with stunning images and massive machinery. He has also split the book into two films, leaving audiences to consume the less compelling first half before ending somewhat abruptly in the middle.

'Four Hours at the Capitol' grimly recounts the events of Jan. 6 in a taut HBO documentary

10/19/21 6:32 PM

As the Jan. 6 Committee continues its work, "Four Hours at the Capitol" presents a methodical, up-close-and-personal tick-tock of the insurrection, exposing what a chaotic, strange and yes, violent day that was. Interviewing members of Congress, police and protestors/rioters, it's a visceral account of what transpired through the eyes -- and cameras -- of those swept up in the moment.

'Insecure's' Yvonne Orji is going to miss Molly too

10/21/21 3:49 PM

Yvonne Orji has some words of wisdom for the character she plays for the upcoming fifth and final season of "Insecure."

'Queens' gets the band back together for a soapy ABC drama

10/19/21 5:09 PM

"Queens" is an extremely familiar idea, elevated not quite to the level of royalty by being slickly cast, packaged and produced. Like Peacock's "Girls5eva," the concept hinges on an all-girl group reunited and again pursuing stardom 20 years later, rediscovering the spotlight and its perils after years spent braiding hair and burning breakfast.

'RHOBH's Erika Jayne Turns On Estranged Husband In Reunion

10/21/21 5:04 AM

In the second part of the RHOBH reunion, Erika Jayne continued to throw her estranged husband Tom Girardi under the bus. On the show, she called him a “master persuader and a master performer.” She still says she had no idea about him stealing from clients. “He’s on a loop saying the same stories ...

'RHOC' Alum Kelly Dodd Regrets Getting The Covid Vaccine

10/21/21 5:03 AM

Former RHOC star Kelly Dodd says she regrets getting the covid-19 vaccine. "I got the vaccine .. And regret it. Im trying not to be a d*ck !," she tweeted. She then posted a message stating that there are no commercials for the Covid-19 vaccine because in the commercial, the makers of the vaccine ...

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