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I Began Taking Prozac. Here's What It Taught My Conservative Family About Mental Health.

12/05/20 9:00 AM

My family’s views on mental health were generally conservative. We thought issues related to it were something that happened to other people — but surely not us.

Oregon Doc's Medical License Suspended After He Boasts He And His Staff Never Wear Masks

12/05/20 2:01 AM

Steven LaTulippe urged people to "take off the mask of shame" in a speech at a "Stop the Steal" rally after the election.

Biden Predicts 'Bleak Future' If Congress Doesn't Act On COVID-19 Aid

12/04/20 11:47 PM

The president-elect said he and his team have been consulting with labor leaders, CEOs, mayors and governors in crafting their own coronavirus aid bill.

CNBC's Controversial Rick Santelli Pitches A Fit Over Coronavirus Safety Measures

12/04/20 11:04 PM

"You’re doing a disservice to the viewer," CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin snapped back. "I would like to keep our viewers as healthy as humanly possible."

Associate Pastor Of Church That Defied California COVID-19 Regulations Has Died

12/04/20 8:52 PM

"It's very painful. The whole COVID experience is painful," said the senior pastor of Water of Life Community Church, who opted to open for indoor services.

Santa Claus Gets Along Swimmingly With Fish At Tokyo Aquarium

12/04/20 6:12 PM

One visitor remarked, "How can you swim in that outfit?“

World War II Vet Beats COVID-19 In Time To Celebrate 104th Birthday

12/04/20 3:22 PM

Hospital staff sang "Happy birthday dear Pop Pop" to Major Wooten as he was discharged Tuesday.

Anthony Fauci Praises Joe Biden's 100-Day Mask Plan

12/04/20 2:45 PM

The infectious disease expert also confirmed that he will serve as Biden's chief medical officer.

U.N. Warns 2021 Is Shaping Up To Be A Humanitarian Catastrophe

12/04/20 1:47 PM

“This is a global crisis and the solutions must be shared equitably as global public goods,” the WHO head said.

America Is Having A Third Coronavirus Wave. Some Countries Are Having Their First.

12/04/20 5:45 AM

People and politicians have reached the "bargaining" stage of the pandemic.

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