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'Mind-Reading' Technology Allows Paralyzed Man to Rapidly Text

05/12/21 2:43 PM

A microchip implanted in the brain has allowed a paralyzed man to communicate by text at speeds that approach the typical smartphone user.

1 in 4 U.S. Teens Has Had a Concussion

05/05/21 3:07 PM

More teens are self-reporting sports-related concussions, yet visits to the ER for these traumatic head injuries fell between 2012 and 2018.

10 Best Supplements for Men Who Work Out

04/29/21 9:53 PM

Most men associate supplements with improved health. But supplements are just that—a means to supplement your diet. They aren’t going to make a significant impact on your health and fitness unless there are known deficiencies or you’re not meeting your needs through your diet. So before adding a slew of supplements to your regimen, think about if you’re consuming a balanced and varied diet first, then consider where supplements might be able to help. When deciding what to take, note what your goals are, or what you’re trying to achieve. Here, we outline the best supplements for men who work out to bolster their overall health and fitness.

12 Influencers Are Behind Most Anti-Vax Hoaxes On Social Media, Surprising Research Reveals

05/14/21 11:22 PM

Big Tech needs to take more decisive action against the "Disinformation Dozen," says the group that identified them.

3 Practical Tips for Bringing Joy Back Into Eating

03/30/21 8:14 PM

Food doesn't have to be frustrating. Follow these tips to develop a healthier, more mindful relationship with your meals. The post 3 Practical Tips for Bringing Joy Back Into Eating appeared first on Wanderlust.

32 Personal Care Items That Worked For Reviewers Who Tried 'Everything'

05/12/21 6:57 PM

The end of your long quest to fix eye puffiness, foggy mask glasses and foot pain is just a few clicks away.

35 Kitchen Products So Efficient You Might Feel A Little Smug Using Them

05/12/21 6:07 PM

Universal jar opener > yelling at a stubborn jar of tomato sauce for a half-hour.

4 Myths About What It Means For A Vaccine To Be 'FDA Approved'

05/14/21 5:45 AM

Yes, there's a difference between emergency use authorization and approval. No, it shouldn't stop anyone from getting COVID-19 shots.

5 Health Benefits of Algae Oil

04/29/21 6:31 PM

Everyone battles with dry skin year-round. There are several options when you look for ways to deal with it. One all-natural option is algae oil. It offers several benefits to your skin.  The post 5 Health Benefits of Algae Oil appeared first on The Complete Herbal Guide.

5 Natural Appetite Suppressants to Tame a Growling Stomach

05/13/21 11:14 PM

If you have hunger cravings that just won’t quit even after you’ve had your calories for the day, it’s time to look into a natural appetite suppressant. Or maybe you just want to get into fasting, and you need a way to help get you started. 

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