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'Five hours of silence was torture': Facebook and WhatsApp are lifelines for some families

10/07/21 5:23 PM

Many families rely on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to text and video chat without international fees.      

'Gimme Shelter': California's new housing police

10/18/21 7:05 PM

Gov. Gavin Newsom is emphasizing holding cities accountable for state laws on zoning and approving housing projects, including starting a new effort staffed with more than dozen employees to enforce the rules.

'I could feel she looked beautiful': Bride wears tactile wedding dress for blind husband

10/22/21 9:45 AM

Kelly Ann and Anthony Ferraro just got married. Kelly Ann wore a custom made, tactile dress so Anthony, who is blind, could "feel how she looked."      

'It's a small enough town': Privacy complicates jury selection in trial over Ahmaud Arbery's death

10/22/21 12:56 PM

Some prospective jurors in the murder trial of the 3 men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery are already expressing concerns about remaining anonymous.      

'Libertarian' Boris Plots New Tax on Using Paper Cups and Wooden Cutlery

10/22/21 11:52 AM

Britain's supposedly "libertarian" prime minister is reportedly considering hitting consumers with a charge every time they use disposable paper coffee cups and wooden cutlery.

'Squid Game' is horrifying: It's more horrifying that we are all fascinated by it

10/12/21 2:39 PM

Netflix's brutal South Korean series "Squid Game" is rising in popularity across the globe. But some experts are worried.      

'Stunning': Female mountain lion is 99th to be tracked in Santa Monica Mountains study

10/19/21 7:36 PM

A female mountain lion caught in the western part of the Santa Monica Mountains has been outfitted with a GPS tracking collar and dubbed P-99.

'Virginia, you have a lot of responsibility:' Obama, Harris court Black voters ahead of governor's race

10/22/21 2:47 PM

As Terry McAuliffe battles Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris are trying to galvanize Black voters in a tight race.      

'Where are we headed?': Portland's record-setting year for murder fuels search for answers

10/22/21 10:35 AM

Crime is up all over the country. But it's particularly staggering in Portland, Oregon, which has broken a 34-year-old record for homicides.      

100-million-year old crab fossil in amber is history-altering discovery

10/21/21 9:53 PM

Fossils of the earliest "modern-looking" crabs were discovered in tree amber, estimated to date back 100 million years, rewriting crustacean history.      

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