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'Friends: The Reunion' Under Fire for Lack of Black Celebrity Guests

05/16/21 10:17 PM

Showrunners for Friends: The Reunion are facing backlash for failing to include any black celebrity guest stars in the HBO Max special, airing May 27.

'I am truly sorry': Bob Baffert issues apology for handling of Medina Spirit announcement

05/16/21 8:59 PM

Trainer Bob Baffert issued a statement Saturday in which he apologized for his handling of the announcement of Medina Spirit's positive drug test      

'It's a human rights issue': Thousands across US join global protests in solidarity with Palestine

05/17/21 4:50 AM

Thousands of people across the nation joined global protests this weekend to demand an end to Israel airstrikes.      

'It's just terrifying': 4-year-old boy found dead on Dallas street, police say; suspect arrested

05/16/21 9:46 PM

A suspect has been arrested in the slaying of a 4-year-old boy whose body was found lying on a neighborhood street in Dallas, authorities said Sunday.      

'Microfarms' come to South L.A. frontyards, bringing fresh produce to food deserts

05/13/21 8:00 AM

Jamiah Hargins wants microfarms to feed Los Angeles one frontyard at a time.

'Rockets over Riots': Jews Hunker Down Amid Arab Violence in Jaffa

05/16/21 7:38 PM

For more than a week, Arab rioters have set fires in the street, torched cars, and firebombed houses in Jaffa, north of Tel Aviv, one of several cities rocket by inter-communal violence.

'Saturday Night Live' mocks new CDC mask guidelines, likens Liz Cheney to Lil Nas X

05/16/21 6:06 PM

Liz Cheney (Kate McKinnon) aired her grievances with the Republican Party on "Saturday Night Live," which also skewered the CDC's mask guidelines.      

'This is not normal': Topanga Canyon is used to fire. But not amid drizzling, May gray gloom

05/16/21 8:24 PM

The cool temperatures and drizzling sky didn't stop the Palisades fire from threatening homes on Sunday.

'You cannot do anything': Indian American doctors struggle with COVID-19 crisis back home

05/12/21 8:00 AM

The dire COVID-19 situation in India has been particularly hard to watch for many Indian American healthcare workers.

'You're gonna listen to these people?': Ricky Schroder films himself confronting Costco employee over mask policy

05/16/21 10:41 PM

"Silver Spoons" star Ricky Schroder shared a video of himself confronting a Costco employee after he was denied entrance into the store unmasked.      

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