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$7 million of PPE left outside and damaged by storms at Bay Area county facility

01/15/22 6:36 AM

San Mateo County is hiring an investigator to find out how the personal protective equipment was left outside, apparently forgotten, for months.

'Gimme Shelter': What to expect in California housing in 2022

01/18/22 4:33 PM

How will the California housing market change and how will state and local officials respond to continuing affordable housing challenges in 2022.

'He has no one to blame but himself': NFL moves to dismiss Jon Gruden's lawsuit

01/20/22 2:23 AM

In response to Jon Gruden's lawsuit, the NFL claims the ex-Raiders coach "has no one to blame but himself" for the fallout over his vulgar emails.      

'Incoherent and Catastrophic': Republican Senators Slam Biden's 'Green Light' to Putin

01/20/22 4:36 AM

Republican senators blasted President Joe Biden after a press conference on Wednesday where he suggested the U.S. and European allies would do little if Russia conducted a "minor incursion" into Ukraine.

'It's ugly out there': Rail thefts leave tracks littered with pilfered packages

01/16/22 1:00 PM

Thieves pilfering railroad cars is a crime that harks back to the days of horseback-riding bandits, but is fueled by a host of modern realities including homeless encampments and e-commerce.

'Wait for a good time : - ) Don't fight!' A guide to help teens persuade parents to let them get vaccinated

01/17/22 1:00 PM

A San Jose teen started Teens for Vaccines during a measles outbreak in 2019. Now the group helps minors hoping to persuade their parents to let them get vaccinated.

15-Year-Old Killed, Five Other Juveniles Wounded In Trio Of Shootings In Chicago On Tuesday

01/19/22 5:43 PM

Shootings like these are part of the reason Mayor Lori Lightfoot is expected to ask for federal help while she’s in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to meet with members of the Biden administration and attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

2 cold case homicides tied to convicted murderer, police say

01/19/22 7:15 PM

A convicted murderer has been charged in connection with two decades-old cold-case homicides, authorities said.

2 Illinois Brothers, Cousin Charged With Taking Part In Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Insurrection

01/20/22 1:27 AM

Two Illinois brothers and their cousin were arrested Wednesday and charged with taking part in the U.S. Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6 of last year.

2 Marines killed in rollover crash; teen driver charged in deaths

01/19/22 8:34 PM

The driver of the military vehicle was speeding at the time, police said.

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