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'Very aggressive treatment' on the streets of Skid Row from a 'Renegade M.D.'

02/24/24 11:00 AM

By administering long-acting antipsychotic medication, Dr. Susan Partovi is pushing boundaries in her efforts to help people who are homeless and struggling with mental illness.

'Why Costa Mesa? Why not Santa Ana?' A buzzy mercado reflects a changing O.C.

02/27/24 11:00 AM

Mercado González in Costa Mesa is the first Mexican-style mercado of its kind in Southern California — and a sign of one city's shifting politics.

A comedy show where RFK Jr. was not the butt of the joke

02/23/24 11:00 AM

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. found an audience to laugh with him rather than at him at a comedy campaign fundraiser in downtown L.A.

A new dawn for Latino politicians in L.A. County's 'corridor of corruption'

02/27/24 11:00 AM

In Southeast L.A. County, a new generation of politicians is pushing back against the region's doom-loop reputation by trying something new: working together.

A postcard from home: Greg Yee's L.A.

02/23/24 7:57 PM

In the days after his unexpected death, it was impossible for us to look around L.A. without seeing Greg Yee.

Ads were supposed to make Gascón's challengers stand out. So why do they all look the same?

02/24/24 11:00 AM

The race to replace L.A. County's district attorney features 11 challengers, more than $6 million in contributions, and one familiar script for ads for the March 5 primary.

Amherst residents still concerned over tax levy hike

02/27/24 4:08 AM

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) — It was a packed house at the Amherst Town Hall on Monday as many residents came out to speak their minds about several issues, including the 11.4 percent tax levy hike in the 2024 budget. In November, the town board approved overriding the tax levy cap in a special session. Some residents felt their [...]

Another storm is coming to Southern California early next week. How big will it be?

02/23/24 7:27 PM

Soaked Southern California can expect another storm to roll into the region early next week, capping off a month of historically wet weather.

Armed bandits rob migrants crossing border illegally, border patrol chief says

02/27/24 9:08 AM

A group of “armed bandits” near the U.S. southern border attempted to rob migrants crossing illegally, according to US Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens.

Beverly Hills middle school rocked by AI-generated nude images of students

02/26/24 11:52 PM

A Beverly Hills middle school has discovered that AI tools make a nasty form of bullying easy. Putting a stop to deepfake nude images could be hard.

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