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12-year-old boy dies in trip to Wild Rivers water park in Irvine, police say

06/22/24 11:57 PM

A child at Wild Rivers was taken to a hospital Saturday morning and pronounced dead, Irvine police said.

72-year-old on parole for attempted murder arrested on child pornography charges

06/25/24 6:26 PM

Gonzalez is currently on parole for March 1981 convictions of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon, burglary and attempted assault.

Adopting a dog? It helps to do some homework first

06/21/24 10:00 AM

With so many private rescue groups offering dogs for adoption, it can be tough to spot a scam. Experts offer a few tips before you start looking.

After 22 hours in the wilderness, 4-year-old boy from Torrance found safe

06/22/24 7:37 PM

After disappearing from a campground in the Sierra National Forest, a 4-year-old boy from Torrance was found by a search-and-rescue party and reunited with his parents.

An outsider as next LAPD chief? Candidates face culture that has 'spit out' past leaders

06/25/24 3:38 PM

The LAPD has had only two outsiders serve as chief in its modern history, but there is a growing push to bring in a third.

Blessed Sacrament in Tonawanda announces counterproposal submission to Catholic Diocese

06/25/24 2:22 AM

On Monday, Parish Family 17 from the Northern Erie Vicariate met at St. John the Baptist in Kenmore to discuss the proposed merger of Blessed Sacrament in Tonawanda with St. Paul in Kenmore.

California lawmakers reject proposal to curb well-drilling where nearby wells could run dry

06/22/24 10:00 AM

California water officials backed a bill to impose restrictions on where wells can be drilled, seeking to protect drinking water sources. Lawmakers rejected it.

California voters want term limits for D.A.s and sheriffs, Berkeley poll finds

06/25/24 10:00 AM

A Berkeley poll found that three-quarters of registered California voters support term limits for county supervisors, district attorneys and sheriffs.

California will help return tribal lands as part of the historic Klamath River restoration

06/21/24 10:00 AM

Ancestral lands will be returned to the Shasta Indian Nation as part of a massive Klamath River dam removal project.

Carbon-capture projects launch in Los Angeles County as CO₂ levels reach global records

06/23/24 10:00 AM

Multiple projects seeking to remove carbon dioxide from the air have been launched across Los Angeles County.

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