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He was shot in Kenosha, then received threats – a frightening pattern after high-profile incidents

09/21/20 8:38 PM

Victims of the Kenosha protest shootings and their families have received online threats, and there is little authorities can do to help.       

6 Louisville police officers are under internal investigation for their roles in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting

09/22/20 12:01 AM

Three additional officers who were at Breonna Taylor's apartment — Tony James, Michael Campbell and Michael Nobles — are also under investigation.       

Trump met with Supreme Court frontrunner Amy Coney Barrett at White House on Monday

09/21/20 10:21 PM

Trump has said he will announce his Supreme Court pick at the end of this week, after memorial services for the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.      

'He loves his rallies:' Biden says Trump puts supporters at risk with big events while keeping himself safe

09/21/20 11:44 PM

"Oh, he loves his rallies. And the next time he holds one, look closely. Trump keeps his distance from anyone at a rally," Biden said in Wisconsin.       

Is 6 feet enough? CDC walks back its walkback on airborne transmission of COVID-19

09/21/20 10:18 PM

The CDC posted, then withdrew, an update saying six feet may not be sufficient and ventilation was key to easing transmission of COVID-19 indoors.      

McConnell: Senate could confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg's court replacement before election

09/21/20 8:52 PM

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate has more than enough time to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.       

Sen. Kelly Loeffler says she is 'more conservative than Attila the Hun' in new campaign ad

09/21/20 10:58 PM

The ad shows an actor playing Attila the Hunt grunting orders to "eliminate the liberal scribes."       

'It does affect more than your lungs': Why COVID-19 survivors may need to get screened for heart damage

09/21/20 6:21 PM

New research suggests an association between COVID-19 and heart damage. Here's what we know about who should get cardiac screenings.       

Poll: Half of voters think the winner of the 2020 election should pick Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement

09/21/20 11:10 PM

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on Friday opened the door to a partisan battle over who will pick her replacement — and when.       

Gardner supports moving forward on Ginsburg seat, striking blow to Dem chances of halting nomination

09/21/20 11:44 PM

Gardner, who is facing a re-election challenge from former Gov. John Hickenlooper in Colorado, was viewed as one of the last potential holdouts.       

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