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12 Moments That Showed How Important Representation Is For Kids

02/10/21 7:38 PM

From Barack Obama touching a boy's hair to the impact of "Hamilton," these examples highlight the power of diversity.

20 Children’s Books With Characters Of Diverse Body Types

02/23/21 12:40 PM

These books for kids highlight the diversity of bodies in our world and promote body positivity.

20 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up What It’s Like To Do Taxes Each Year

02/22/21 5:46 PM

"Just did my own taxes. Should be in jail by the morning."

41 Adorable Photos Of British Royal Babies Through The Years

02/22/21 10:33 AM

From newborn Queen Elizabeth to little Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, these photos are regally cute.

6 Subtle But Serious Signs You Have A Cardiovascular Issue

02/23/21 5:45 AM

Chest pain isn't the only indicator of heart disease. Here are other symptoms you should look out for.

60 Tweets That Explain Why Parents Can’t Have Nice Things

02/18/21 6:38 PM

"One of our kids spilled a container of glitter so now we have to move."

Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Protect You More Than A Natural Infection?

02/09/21 9:28 AM

Here's why people who previously had the coronavirus are being told to still get the shots when it's their turn.

Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Foundation Trend

02/23/21 5:45 AM

An expert explains the benefits of the trend, which blends skin care and makeup.

Feta Recipes: 8 Alternative Ways To Cook With Greek Cheese

02/10/21 9:14 AM

Everyone's trying the TikTok baked feta pasta – but what else can you do?

Here’s Why August Is Becoming Such A Popular Baby Name

02/23/21 7:44 PM

This week, Mandy Moore and Princess Eugenie both announced the moniker for their sons.

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