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5 Insights I Learned While Growing My Business from a Startup to a 500-person Company

07/16/24 4:30 PM

Scaling a startup from 10 people to 5 hundred is thrilling, but navigating the growth can be tricky. Here are 5 hard-won insights to help you transform your startup into a structured business with a clear roadmap and the right team behind you.

5 Key Hiring Lessons You Should Learn From Trump's VP Pick

07/16/24 6:00 AM

JD Vance is basically the opposite of Trump in everything except policy. This is a good example for any leader when hiring.

5 Keys to a Positive and Evolving Strategy for Business Leadership

07/17/24 2:56 AM

If you haven't honed your strategy recently, you are likely falling behind in the market.

50-Year-Old Olympic Skateboarder Andy MacDonald Just Gave a Masterclass in How to Succeed as Late Bloomer 

07/17/24 4:15 AM

Think you're over the hill? Andy MacDonald's inspirational story (and a bunch of science) shows you might just be on the long road to success.

6 Ways to Have Better Meetings

07/16/24 10:30 AM

Meetings can waste $25,000 per employee every year. Here's how to make them more effecient.

Ahead of Prime Day, Target Circle Week Helped Brands Boost Sales. Amazon Sellers Saw Drawbacks

07/16/24 4:12 PM

Business owners who sell with both Amazon and Target might have seen sales dip due to Amazon's pricing algorithm and Target's week of discounts.

AI-Powered HR Software Workday Could Be Held Liable for Discrimination

07/16/24 1:15 PM

A California court ruled that AI-based decision-making tools can be considered active agents in discrimination. Here's what it means for you and your company.

Amazon's One Medical Reportedly Advised Staff to Mislead Callers About Elderly Patients

07/16/24 11:15 AM

The health clinic instructed personnel to offer misleading talking points to patients if they expressed concern about the handling of senior health care calls.

ASML Beats Q2 Earnings Expectations With Strong China Sales, AI Chip Demand

07/17/24 6:18 AM

ASML, the leading supplier of equipment to computer chip manufacturers, has exceeded second-quarter earnings forecasts, driven by robust sales in China and a surge in new bookings. read more

Back to School Spending Will be Flat in 2024

07/16/24 12:54 PM

A study by Deloitte suggests lower- and middle-income families will cut seasonal spending, and wealthier shoppers won't make huge increases

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