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"Get Out" Of White House More: Joe Biden's Plan For 2nd Year In Office

01/20/22 6:09 AM

President Joe Biden on Wednesday vowed to "get out" out the White House more often and travel across the United States, at a press conference to mark his first year in office.

"If Russia...": White House Vows "Severe" Response Amid Ukraine Conflict

01/20/22 5:35 AM

The White House vowed Wednesday that any Russian movement into Ukraine would face "severe" retaliation, after President Joe Biden appeared to suggest that a small-scale incursion would be met with a...

"Not There Yet": Joe Biden Dismisses Lifting Of Trump-Era China Tariffs

01/20/22 5:17 AM

President Joe Biden said his administration is working on removing tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by his predecessor, but Beijing will have to do more to meet its trade commitments.

'Do not celebrate. Legislate': Martin Luther King family on voting rights – video

01/18/22 7:31 AM

The family of Martin Luther King Jr has called for the passage of a law to protect voters from racial discrimination, while the vice-president, Kamala Harris, said the right to vote in the US was 'under assault'. As part of the annual MLK Day peace walk, the King family and more than 100 national and local civil rights groups strode across the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge urging the Democrats to pass the bill in the US SenateHarris warns voting rights ‘under assault’ as family and activists honor MLK Continue reading...

'Hannibal' star Gaspard Ulliel dies at 37 after ski accident

01/19/22 4:32 PM

French star Gaspard Ulliel, who played a young Hannibal Lecter and had a top role in a new Marvel TV series, died on Wednesday at 37 following a skiing accident, his family said.Ulliel was already in the top rank of French actors, and gained international attention for his performance as the famous cannibal in "Hannibal Rising" in 2007.He also had a leading role as Midnight Man in the new Marvel TV series "Moon Knight" starring Oscar Isaac, which launches on Disney+ in March.His family confirmed the death -- which followed a skiing accident in southeast France on Tuesday -- in a statement given to AFP by his agent.A spokesperson from the ski station said another skier crashed into Ulliel at the meeting of two slopes.He was airlifted to a hospital in Grenoble where he died on Wednesday, the agent said.Ulliel won a Cesar, the French equivalent of an Oscar, for best actor in 2017 for "It's Only the End of the World" in which he starred alongside Marion Cotillard and Lea Seydoux.He had already taken home a Cesar in 2005 for most promising actor after appearing in the World War I drama "A Very Long Engagement" alongside Audrey Tautou.He starred in "Saint Laurent", one of two biopics about the legendary designer to be released in 2014, though he lost out at the Cesars to the star of the rival film, Pierre Niney.Niney was one of the first to react on Twitter, saying: "Broken heart. Gaspard was benevolence and kindness. Beauty and talent."Ulliel was born just outside Paris on November 25, 1984 and picked up a small scar from a dog bite as a child.He said it helped him because it looked like a dimple.He was just 11 when he started working on screen and picked up two Cesar newcomer nominations in 2003 and 2004 before finally winning the following year.There were also some major modeling gigs, including a contract as the face of a Chanel aftershave.One of his directors described him as something of an enigma."He's a strange boy, difficult to penetrate," said Rodolphe Marconi, who directed him in one of his early films, "The Last Day".© 2022 AFP

'I was brainwashed': Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik appears before parole hearing – video

01/18/22 3:51 PM

The Norwegian far-right killer behind the country’s worst peacetime massacre has appeared in court asking to be released on parole after serving 10 years in prison in near-isolation for murdering 77 people in a bomb and gun attack in 2011.Breivik – who legally changed his name to Fjotolf Hansen in 2017 – attacked the country’s government quarter in Oslo with a van bomb before heading to a youth camp being held by the country’s Labour party on the island of Utøya where he killed 69 people, most of them teenagers, in a gun attack.Despite the gravity of his crimes, Breivik, 42, is entitled under Norwegian law to apply for parole after serving a decade in prison of his 21-year sentence, and can reapply each year for a parole hearing.The court that convicted him in 2012 found him criminally sane, rejecting the prosecution’s view that he was psychotic. Breivik did not appeal against his sentenceNorwegian mass killer Anders Breivik appears before parole hearing Continue reading...

12 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

08/29/21 10:33 PM

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post ›

2022 Will Be Among Warmest Years, Expect "Extreme Heat Events": Report

01/20/22 10:17 AM

Well, it's official: 2021 was one of the planet's seven hottest years since records began, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) declared this week.

5 Days After Volcano Erupts, First Aid Flights Arrive In Tonga

01/20/22 4:16 AM

New Zealand and Australia each sent military transport planes that were carrying water containers, kits for temporary shelters and generators.

5G rollout delayed after airline protest

01/18/22 7:26 PM

Major US cell carriers have agreed to postpone the planned rollout of 5G service near several American airports, citing the concerns of airlines that doing so would endanger air traffic safety. Read Full Article at

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