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Indian Medical Association Says 382 Doctors Died Of COVID-19 After Gov't Claims No Data On Health Care Staff

09/21/20 4:59 PM

The medical body said the government's statement is an "abandonment of the national heroes who have stood up for our people."

Revenge Porn Helpline Cases Surge In Lockdown, With 'Sextortion' On Rise

09/21/20 4:47 PM

The UK helpline has dealt with more cases this year than it did during the whole of 2019, with women worst affected.

Students Back In India Struggle To Keep Up With Classes At U.S. Colleges

09/21/20 4:20 PM

“By the time you have your 12 a.m. class, your brain has checked out. My classes are really interesting and I shouldn’t be holding my head in my hands,” one student.

The Last Months Of A Canadian Who Died Of COVID-19 In ICE Custody

09/21/20 4:16 PM

“I can’t stop thinking that he was ultimately given a death sentence.”

We Compared Coronavirus Test And Trace Systems Around The World

09/21/20 10:59 AM

More than six months into the pandemic, parts of Europe and the U.S. are still failing the basics of fighting COVID-19.

Woman Falls Out Of Moving Car Onto Highway While Filming Snapchat Video

09/20/20 10:31 PM

UK police said it was pure luck that the passenger wasn't seriously injured or killed.

Austrian Minister To Trump: No, We Don't Live In 'Forest Cities,' Have Exploding Trees

09/17/20 4:20 PM

Preventing wildfires largely comes down to "taking climate change seriously," the country's agriculture minister said.

Barbados Says It Will Remove Queen Elizabeth As Head Of State

09/16/20 9:31 AM

“The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,” said Barbados Governor General Sandra Mason.

India Hits New Milestone, Surpasses 5 Million Coronavirus Cases

09/16/20 12:39 AM

The Health Ministry reported 90,123 new cases in the past 24 hours.

Putin Critic Navalny Shares Hospital Photo Of Himself, Plans Return To Russia

09/15/20 2:51 PM

Alexei Navalny remained hospitalized in Germany after being poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent, a lab determined. The Kremlin has denied involvement.

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