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"Completely Ineffective": India On Top UN Body Over Russia-Ukraine Conflict

02/27/24 7:11 PM

India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ruchira Kamboj has questioned the United Nations Security Council for not being able to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that has continued for over two years.

"Give Michelin Star": Zuckerberg's Big Praise For This Fast Food Joint

02/27/24 4:07 PM

He may be the world's fourth-richest person and visiting gourmet paradise Japan, but Mark Zuckerberg is eating McDonald's, according to photos posted on Tuesday by the Meta chief.

'Make Argentina great again': Milei echoes Trump on U.S. visit

02/26/24 11:08 AM

Argentine President Javier Milei and former U.S. president Donald Trump made calls to "make Argentina great again", as the right-wing firebrands met at a conservative conference on Saturday.Known for their distinctive hair, spicy oratory and rejection of traditional political norms, the two men met behind the scenes at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, which they addressed separately.And both were keen to repurpose Trump's electoral sales pitch -- "Make America great again" -- for the South American country."Make Argentina great again," Trump said as they posed for photos backstage, while Milei rasped his famous Spanish-language slogan: "Long live freedom, damn it!"Despite myriad legal woes, Trump is gearing up for a probable rematch with President Joe Biden in November's elections, having lost to the Democrat in 2020.And he was very much on home turf at CPAC, where he is wildly popular.During his speech, Trump said Milei "has achieved a lot, he is a great gentleman, he is MAGA," noting that the acronym for his famous tagline works with either country's name.Elected last year on a wave of anger over decades of economic crisis, right-winger Milei has embarked on massive economic deregulation by presidential decree.He also has devalued the peso and cut state subsidies.Milei too invoked "MAGA" in a speech."We are not going to give up on making Argentina great again," he said, during an address in which he warned that the world "is in danger" due to socialism.He ended with a plea: "Do not give up your freedom, fight for your freedom because if you do not fight for freedom it will lead you to misery."© Agence France-Presse

'Mystifying': Ex-prosecutor says Jim Jordan could be 'in league' with arrested informant

02/26/24 2:00 AM

Congressman Jim Jordan and other Republican leaders are either "in league or incompetent" when it comes to the FBI informant who now stands accused of feeding Russian disinformation about Joe Biden directly to the federal government, according to a former federal prosecutor Sunday.Glenn Kirschner appeared on MSNBC's Ayman, where he was asked about former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, who was recently re-arrested after being let out of custody.Specifically, the host asked Kirschner whether it appeared as the GOP leaders such as Jordan and James Comer ignored valid warnings about the informant's information.ALSO READ: Republican congressman violates federal law with botched cryptocurrency disclosures"Were the Republicans in league or incompetent?" Kirschner asked. "It's one or the other. And here's the thing. There's a lot to dislike, sort of every link of the chain here. First of all, the FBI writes down lots of things that human informants and confidential informants say. That doesn't mean it is necessarily true. Yes, they record it in a form, 1023, but they write it down. It doesn't mean it's verified, it doesn't mean it's accurate, it doesn't mean it's reliable. Once they receive it, they have to go about the hard work of corroborating it, or debunking it. And it sounds like the FBI never corroborated, and indeed, ultimately debunked this disinformation."He continued:"So why this debunked Russian disinformation would then be handed off to Republican members of Congress to be used as the basis to impeach an American president is mystifying, Ayman. And look, let's use Jim Jordan as an example. You played a clip of him appearing to double down, even though he now knows it's Russian disinformation, and Smirnov has been indicted for lying to the FBI about the Bidens. Jim Jordan is a serial abuser of his position and his authority. This is the guy who refused to comply with a lawfully issued congressional subpoena because had he complied and testified he might have incriminated Donald Trump."Watch the video below or click the link.

'Whoops': Trump aide says ex-president is 'the one to blame' for nursing student's murder

02/26/24 1:34 AM

A former Trump campaign aide says that, despite the narrative that President Joe Biden is to blame for the recent death of a Georgia nursing student who was allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant, the blood may actually be more on the hands of her former boss, Trump.A.J. Delgado, a former Trump 2016 campaign aide, made headlines in November of 2023 when she accused longtime Trump aide Jason Miller of engaging in "a cycle of sexual coercion, rape, sexual assault, abuse, battery, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking."Now she's drawing attention to the situation in which a Venezuelan immigrant has been accused of killing a nursing student, Laken Riley.ALSO READ: Republican congressman violates federal law with botched cryptocurrency disclosures"You're going to see a lot of #MAGA folks on here, who are claiming that Biden has 'blood on his hands' due to the suspect in the Atlanta-nursing-student's murder being an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who reportedly arrived in 2022," she wrote. "Except... whoops."She continued, saying that it "seems *TRUMP* is the one to blame, if anyone is other than, you know, the murderer.""You see, on his way out the door in January 2021, one of the last things Trump did was carve out a special category for Venezuelans, same as Cubans," she then added. "WHY did he do this? Simple. For years, the Right has cast Venezuelans as particularly 'sympatico' [because] they are 'fleeing socialism.' So there a big demand, [especially] from [Republicans] in Florida, to allow tons of Venezuelans to come and give them protection. [Because]... they are socialism victims."Delgado said she won't go into whether it was a good idea or a bad idea, but, she noted, "The point is, it was TRUMP who signed an order basically making it HUGELY enticing for Venezuelans to make their way to America (often via the southern border). A year later, this guy came in."She concluded:"Can you say it's the Dems' fault? Sure. Is it also Trump's' fault? Sure. But I think it's worse for Trump [because] the reason Trump did it was [because] he owed favors to rich Venezuelans in FL. And that is the problem [with] Trump - he goes against his duty, to curry favor/repay favors."Former federal and state prosecutor Ron Filipkowski appeared to echo Delgado's sentiments, saying in response to a quote from the former president: "Well, they've been accusing Joe Biden all day of murder because his DHS followed the asylum policy you implemented for Venezuelans."

11 Of The Best Things To Do In London This Mother's Day And Paddy's Day Weekend

03/17/23 5:02 PM

It's a Mother's Day *and* Paddy's Day double whammy, people.View Entire Post ›

17 Very British Tweets About The Very British Queue To See The Very British Queen's Coffin

09/24/22 1:25 AM

"If you’re British, this is the queue you’ve been training for all your life. The final boss of queues."View Entire Post ›

2 million animals dead as extreme winter weather hits Mongolia

02/26/24 11:04 AM

More than two million animals have died in Mongolia so far this winter, a government official said Monday, as the country endures extreme cold and snow.The landlocked country is no stranger to severe weather from December to March, when temperatures plummet as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (minus 58 Fahrenheit) in some areas.But this winter has been more severe than usual, with lower than normal temperatures and very heavy snowfall, the United Nations said in a recent report.As of Monday, 2.1 million head of livestock had died from starvation and exhaustion, Gantulga Batsaikhan of the country's agriculture ministry said.Mongolia had 64.7 million such animals, including sheep, goats, horses and cows, at the end of 2023, official statistics show.The extreme weather is known as "dzud" and typically results in the deaths of huge numbers of livestock.The United Nations said climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of dzuds.Mongolia has experienced six dzuds in the past decade, including the winter of 2022-23 when 4.4 million head of livestock perished.This year's dzud has been exacerbated by a summer drought that prevented animals from building up enough fatty stores to survive the harsh winter.- 'Praying for warmer weather' -Seventy percent of Mongolia is experiencing "dzud or near dzud" conditions, the UN said.That compares with 17 percent of the country at the same time in 2023."The winter started with heavy snow but suddenly air temperatures rose, and the snow melted," herder Tuvshinbayar Byambaa told AFP."Then the temperatures dropped again, turning the melting snow into ice."That ice makes it hard for the livestock to break through to the grass below, he said, preventing them from grazing and forcing many herders to borrow money for feed."The weather changes are so sudden these days," Tuvshinbayar said.The deadliest dzud on record was the winter of 2010-11, when more than 10 million animals died -- almost a quarter of the country's total livestock at the time.Snowfall this year -- the heaviest since 1975 -- has compounded herders' woes, trapping them in colder areas and making them unable to buy food and hay for their animals from the nearby towns.Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world and about one-third of its population of 3.3 million people is nomadic.The government has promised to help, launching a campaign to deliver hay fodder to herders in a bid to prevent further losses of crucial commodities like meat and cashmere, one of the country's top exports.But for now, Tuvshinbayar and his fellow herders can only pray for warmer weather."It is becoming too hard to be a herder -- we suffer drought and flood in summer and dzud in winter," he told AFP."I'll start losing my animals if the snow does not melt in the coming months," he added."All herders are praying for warmer weather to melt this ice, so our animals can reach the grass."© 2024 AFP

2 Serbs sentenced over an attack on NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo

02/27/24 10:18 AM

A Kosovo court has sentenced two ethnic Serbs to six-month jail terms for attacking NATO-led peacekeepers a year ago

3 men snared in right-wing extremism probe charged in London court with prepping for terrorism

02/27/24 2:02 PM

Authorities say three men arrested in an investigation into right-wing extremism have been charged in a London court with preparing to commit a terrorist act, authorities said

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