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Bitcoin Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap, Soars To Another Record High

02/19/21 12:09 PM

Bitcoin’s gains have been fueled by signs it is gaining acceptance among mainstream investors and companies, from Tesla and Mastercard to BNY Mellon.

Buckingham Palace Reveals Cause Of Prince Philip's Hospitalization

02/23/21 10:24 AM

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London last week.

Facebook Bans Australia From Sharing Or Reading News

02/17/21 9:08 PM

Australia has moved forward with a proposal to force social media and search companies to pay media outlets for their content.

Facebook Says It Will Lift Australian News Ban Soon

02/23/21 6:49 AM

Facebook’s cooperation is a major victory in Australian efforts to make the gateways to the Internet pay for the journalism that they use.

First Nations Leaders Fight Vaccine Hesitancy With Social Media Savvy

02/15/21 10:27 AM

With a gaping void of trust between Indigenous communities and the government — chiefs, MPPs, and other leaders are stepping in.

Health Officials Rush To Respond As Ebola Re-Emerges In Africa

02/17/21 5:30 PM

Guinea has so far recorded up to 10 suspected cases of Ebola and five deaths.

Israel Closes Mediterranean Beaches After Oil Spill Devastates Coast

02/22/21 7:38 AM

An offshore oil spill deposited tons of tar across Israel's coastline in what officials are calling one of the country’s worst ecological disasters.

Italy Says Goodbye To The Far Right

02/12/21 10:21 AM

The country, which elected a populist, anti-immigrant, anti-EU government less than three years ago, returns to the center.

Last Statue Of Former Dictator Francisco Franco Removed In 'Historic Day' For Spain

02/24/21 9:09 AM

The Spanish government has made several high-profile removals off the back of the Historical Memory Law, including taking over Franco’s summer palace from his heirs.

Legendary Olympic Athlete Takes Over Tokyo Games Following Sexism Backlash

02/18/21 6:35 AM

Seven-time Olympian Seiko Hashimoto replaces Yoshiro Mori, the former Japanese prime minister forced to resign over sexist comments about women.

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